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  • Hi Guys!!

    I have build HTML5 Game, with construct 2 r139

    I try to input and retrieve data from database with php

    input data was successful, but when i try to retrieve data Using Ajax Request it was nothing, just blank!

    and Ajax is never complete.

    this is my score.php file value



    $qlogin = mysql_query("select id_user, score from score_table ");


    echo $xx['score']."|".$xx['id_user']."|";




    and this is my Ajax Request code:

    Request "http://localhost/mygame/myscore.php" (tag "MyScore")

    Please help me.. i do need it.

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  • what is "id_user"? You didnt specify what the value of id_user is, so it will return null. You are selecting something that doesn't even exist, which is selecting " ", an empty value.

    You will need something like this:

    $id_user = $_GET['id_user'];[/code:cj5ztuez]
    Within Construct, you will need to add that parameter to your request URL to something like this:
    [code:cj5ztuez]Request "http://localhost/mygame/myscore.php?id_user=" &WHATTHEUSERIDIS" (tag "MyScore")[/code:cj5ztuez]
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