What is AJAX Object's "Request Project File" doing ?

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  • Description:

    Request Project File:

    You have to enter a Tag and File [Drop down list provided.]

    This basically allows you to download files inside your own project that you have imported into the Construct 2's IDE.

    This is so strange...isn't that the point of the Progress Bar at the beginning ?

    And if this is for Music ? The Audio object already have the "Preload/Preload(by name)" so...what are you downloading with this ?

  • Text files that contain JSON so you can populate an Array or Dictionary object.

  • Wait, that txt files arn't being downloaded during the initial loading during the HTML Logo progress bar thingy at the very beginning ?

    I know that music is not downloaded.

    Can I have a list of what things the initial loading actually loads ? lol


  • Don't think of it as what is being loaded, but rather how do you access it. The AJAX is how you access those text files even if you have it compiled into a packaged app such as with CocoonJS or PhoneGap where it does not need to download at all. You can also use the AJAX to load other files you have hosted on a remote server of your own.

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  • Makes perfect sense, thank you Mr. Hack the Gibson

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