Ajax and music requests consistently failing in preview

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  • Hi. I think I've reported this issue before, but here goes.

    My game is designed around loading in information through Ajax pretty regularly accompanied with music. However my game has for a very long time been needlessly frustrating to test as Ajax and music streaming has proved to be extremely unstable in preview.

    The catch is this never happens when using FIrefox. Firefox always flawlessly loads both music and ajax requests (so I know my code ain't broken). Chrome & Node Webkit both consistently only get one batch of requests right, then refuses to load anything else for the rest of the session, forcing me to restart. This has been the case ever since the project began development well over a year ago, where I barely had any assets in the project.

    I've been using FIrefox for a while, but I find that Chrome & Node Webkit has much better performance in preview. However I can't really use them as the ajax and music doesn't load consistently.

    When compiled to node-webkit, everything also works smoothly

    I use windows 7 64-bit if that's any help.

    Any tips on how to get this to work would be very appreciated!

  • Update: The ajax and music is also a problem on Opera. Just checked.

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  • If you hadn't posted this, I probably would have gone insane looking for a solution. I had the exact same problem. And of course, Construct won't let you switch preview browser mid-development, which means that I really have to hold off on music until the end of development. Luckily, all I had to do was toggle my music disabled for the time being, and I'll re-enable it at a later date.

    Hopefully it will work when I'm ready to export the game.

  • I see. I'll do some experiments with it. Bit of a bummer since I kinda need both the music and successful ajax requests at the same time. NIce to know though.

  • ajax-in-local-preview-on-localhost50000

    [quote:15ygojsw]And of course, Construct won't let you switch preview browser mid-development

    Of course you can???? I change my default browser constantly. Especially with Multiplayer (chrome crashes a lot, whilst firefox seems more stable)

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