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  • Just took a look on my Airconsole game statistics, thought you might be interested in seeing how it goes on their side.

    As you can see there were thousands of plays and hundreads of hours played. Note that I do not advertise this game anywhere anymore, those are almost clear statistics from AirConsole traffic. I must say it's pretty impressive. Numbers are really high as for a game which is not featured on their platform (maybe it was during the peak you see on the graph, but I haven't checked it that time).

    I got permission from AirConsole team to implement a Google Play link (to my Google Play version of this game) to the AirConsole controller. The conversion rate is around 1,5% (1,5% AirConsole players have installed Google Play version). I was expecting higher conversion rate, but still it's a decent way to grab some downloads. Especially that once AirConsole starts showing ads on their platform, you (as developer) will get a 75% (if I remember well) income from the ads.

    No particular reason I post this, just thought it might be interesting info for you.


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  • Nice, thanks for the insight

  • Very nice info, I had meant to try and add PixelGolf to AirConsole but never had the time. Might be worthwhile, didn't know AirConsole was a well visited site, good to know!

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