How make Afterimages when i jump.

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  • I watched the video, then tried it out on an old platformer test I did ages ago and got it working in a couple minutes...

    I cloned the playerimages object (that has all the animations in it). Renamed the cloned object afterimages, set its opacity to 50, and gave it the Fade behavior.

    Then I added an event: playerobject Platform is jumping

    then added actions:

    playerimages Spawn afterimages

    afterimages set animation to playerimages.AnimationName

    afterimages set animation frame to playerimages.AnimationFrame

    afterimages stop animation

    afterimages Move behind playerimages

    then added a subevent checking if playerimages is mirrored

    then added the action afterimages set Mirrored

    I found that made too many images (makes one every tick), so I added a delay variable to slow that down, which looks better. Setting delay to a bigger number makes less images...

    if you want to create images while the player is falling as well as when he is going up (the second half of a jump is considered falling), then make the event where you check if the player is jumping an Or block, and add another condition checking if the player is falling.

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  • That's a fantastic waste of VRAM there. I'll admit I used to do that back in my MMF2 days though lol. In C2 you can use the paster or canvas object by R0j0hound.

    +Every 0.05 seconds

    +Player is NOT on floor

    -Create Paster at Player.x , Player.y

    -Paste Player object

    +Paster opacity > 0

    -Subtract 240 * dt from Paster.opacity

    +Paster opacity < or = to 0

    -Destroy Paster object

  • THANKS!!!

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