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  • I've been developing with Construct 2 for a few years now, but I've only just recently found someone interested in collaborating on the programming side of things. I'm very used to working on my own, but I'm curious about other people's experiences collaborating with others on Construct 2 projects.

    I've read the article about using SVN which is helpful, but I'm curious about any other potential pitfalls/helpful nuggets of advice those of you who have real experience working on the same project simultaneously can offer.

  • Renaming objects, variables, layers, layouts, etc, may result in conflicts. I think the trick here is to update all files where the object, variable, etc appear. So if you change an instance variable's name, you have to update all layout files where that object appears.

    Having two people working on the same file (for instance, if both make changes to a layout), one will override the other.

    So it's important to make updates very frequently. Making .capx backups when you know the other person worked on the same file is also a good idea because then you can just copy stuff if you lose some work

  • I would recommend to leave a shitload of comments, so both of you can fully understand every part of the project. If you work on different areas of the event sheet, and these areas are not interconnected, you can avoid thet (i still leave a lot of comments for myself, or, as i like to say," the me of the future" )

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  • It's pretty rough with C2. I blame the .caproj file, among other things. 7soul pretty much summed it up though. Never rename anything, and be wary of removing objects. You actually can work on the same file so long as you don't modify the exact same part of it; SVN will do its best to merge the working copies. However, conflicts are inevitable so it's best to learn the many ways to resolve them. We've often had to crack open .xml files and manually fix things :T

    I really wish Ashley would consider online collab for C3 like SuperPowers has. That's the single best idea I've ever seen for an "internal" game engine.

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