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  • Hi,

    As recommended on microsoft dev center, the advertising should follow these standard sizes:

    Windows 10 and Windows 8.1:

    160 x 600

    250 x 250

    300 x 250

    300 x 600

    728 x 90

    Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8:

    300 x 50

    320 x 50

    480 x 80

    640 x 100

    According to this, Construct 2 pubcenter plugin does not have options available for mobile devices. So how can we add advertising for mobile?

    Microsoft distinguishes advertising for mobile and PC/Tablet, so what if you want to add advertising in a windows 10 universal format (which i suppose includes every windows 10 devices)? The only option is to create one advertising unit for each (mobile and PC/Tablet), and each one of them will give you different ID's, therefore it is not possible to include both of them in pubcenter plugin settings on C2. So what i suppose is that you should have different versions, one for mobile and other for PC/Tablet... but since C2 doesn't have the mobile size option, this is useless.

    When uploading a game using windows 10 universal format to windows store there is no such separation...

    Well i really don't know what should be done. If some of you have experience with this, can you help me please?

  • Hi. Is it possible to add the pubcenter plugin twice and add the IDs for mobile and tablet/pc in each of them?

    I tried to preview my export in Visual Studio but I get this error:

    APPHOST9623: "ms-appx://xxxxxxx-soft.xxxappname/Microsoft.Advertising.JavaScript/ad.js" konnte von der App aufgrund des folgenden Fehlers nicht aufgelöst werden: DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE.

    any ideas how to fix this?

  • I don't think so. You can only add once.

    See this

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  • anyone else tried this or is it possible to fix/add this Ashley?

    Thanks for the link. I created the banner in the dev Center. I will look again and try to find if "Microsoft Advertising libraries" are installed in Visual Studio.

  • Microsoft Advertising SDK is installed and I entered the two values for the pubcenter plugin but it shows the "data not available" error. Any ideas what could be wrong?

    I moved the on start of layout > show banner to the second layout but immediately when I preview my app it shows the error:

    APPHOST9623: "ms-appx://xxx-xxxxxxxxxx/Microsoft.Advertising.JavaScript/ad.js" konnte von der App aufgrund des folgenden Fehlers nicht aufgelöst werden: DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE.

    And I checked again and you are right, you cant add a second PubCenter plugin. But Banner sizes are different for mobile so it would be really useful to be able to use more than one ad ID from pubcenter to show different ads on PC and mobile. Or can I just show the (wrong sized) pc banners on a phone?

  • Bl4ckSh33p,

    In conctact with microsoft customer support they sent me a link. I didn't have the oportunity to investigate this, but anyway i'm fowarding the link to you. Please let me know if you suceeded.

    Here is the link:

    Best wishes!

  • Thanks. I created the ad and entered the values and enabled the ad sdk in visual studio but its still not working and showing the error. I asked on the Microsoft help forums but they told me to ask in the scirra forums because its exported with Construct 2.

  • Hi

    Has any one get this work. I have export package from C2 to Visual Studio Community. Only think i could not working is ads. I have add Pubcenter plugin and ID's. I still get this error in Visual Studio:

    APPHOST9623: "ms-appx://xxxxxxx-soft.xxxappname/Microsoft.Advertising.JavaScript/ad.js

    Package is in MS store and it works fine....But no Ads (Windows 10)

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