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  • How do I place ads for browser games (HTML5)

  • How do I place ads for browser games (HTML5)

    Even though I've never use ads in my games, you can try ads plugin. Also, you can try search online how to put ads construct 2. It will give a lot of results

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  • That's not gonna help him, he will need to code his own plug in or maybe, just maybe do it using google pre-roll ads. Construct 2 and 3 are really lacking in this area and Scirra does not understand that this is far more important than Construct 3, which ads practically nothing to Construct 2 ( Anything anybody can do in Construct 3 I can do in 2 and in the same amount of time, so I am really puzzled by this lack of understanding of what really matters ).

    make it easy to insert ads at any point within a game, the way CPMStar works with Flash games, and then you have something that really counts and will increase sales.

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