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  • I just started to mess around with Construct 2, I was wondering how would you make a 2D Zelda-like view game in it, as the character movement presets seem to be for platformers and top down view.

  • Check The beginners guide to Construct 2 which will help you getting started with C2 and give you a lot of usefull tips concerning your project.

    You can also check out this tutorial video series (7 parts over youtube) which will give you some other tips too.

    Once you checked and viewed the tutorials a few times, you should be able to answer your question by yourself easily :)

    Take the time to review those, understand them, practice, and good luck with your project.

  • Thank you kindly sir, I'll do just that :3

  • I've learned a lot! Sadly I finished the 1945 tutorial and now for some reason it won't open. GAH! If anyone can manage to make it work and advise me I would be very grateful.

    Thankfully I think I understand a bit more C2 thanks to all of today's work, and managed to do this:

    It's not perfect, but it's a start. Now off to make that adventure game :3

  • Tutorial: Platform school

    Advanced platformer example

    Mickey's adventure

    Here are others tutorials you might wanna follow and that will surely help you out.

    Don't hesitate to check out Jame's X collection list of all useful tutorials for CC, you basicaly will have all the answers you're looking for.

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  • Thanks again! I'm wondering, could I follow a Classic Construct Tutorial and somehow make it out in C2?

  • Yes.

    You would have to adapt a bit though. There aren't as many plugins for C2 yet as there are for CC, so some plugin handled things of CC would require more events in C2.

    But the workflow, events system, etc... is pretty much the same.

    The "what you need to think about while designing a game" still stands, even if you might need to "translate" a bit to C2 working project.

    Take as much experience as you can on CC (which is more documented since older). Do small to mid projects and complete them.

    Then, switch to C2, or do it in parallel (like following the tut in CC, see it work, understand it, reproduce in C2).

    Or you can stick to CC, it will all depend about the type of projects you're aiming for.

  • Hi Rinku, re: 1945.capx

    Not sure if you're working with projects as a folder, or as a single capx file, but bcos we're both at learning stage, best to make new projects as folder, just to see how all the xml layouts and event-sheets look as individual files.

    However, if you've only got the capx file, open the file in zip/unzip program and copy contents to a new folder. (note: capx is just a renamed zip file)

    Open a text editor, and open file '1945.uistate.xml'. Below 'Event sheet 1' add this line;

    <event-sheet active="1">Event sheet 2</event-sheet>

    Save file.

    Now go to 'Event sheets' folder. Open 'Event sheet 2.xml' in your text editor. On line 16, where it says '>Layout 1<' change it to '>game<'. Save file. Right, now it should load ok again.

  • You're a lifesaver! It's working now thanks :D

    I'll use project folders for now. Thanks!

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