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  • AdSense HTML5 Web games

    Google AdSense for Games: In-Game Advertising

  • also I was looking for this plugin

  • From Google:


    If you want to integrate AdSense for games into your Flash-based games, you’ll need to make sure that you adhere to the following prerequisites:

    Ensure you're compliant with the AdSense program policies, including these specific games policies.

    Utilize a game launcher capable of Google IMA3 SDK integration and/or compliancy with VAST 2.0 / VPAID 1.0.

    Utilize a Flash-based AS3 game launcher: AdSense for games is only available for Flash-based game content.

    Have a high volume of games content, i.e., greater than 70% games content with over 2 million games impressions monthly.

  • clockworkmonster

    you are say that just Flash games can have this? And if I have over 2 million games impressions monthly?

    but I found this in the same page:

    Publishers must adhere to the Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK Terms of Service.

    Publishers must utilize video players and/or games based on the following platform prerequisites:

    Flash-based ActionScript 3 players and games capable of Google Flash IMA v3 SDK integration and/or compliant with VAST 2.0 / VPAID 1.0 standards.

    HTML5-based technology capable of Google HTML5 IMA v3 SDK integration.

    Players and games must maintain an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9.

    Someone could explain this better?

    If I can´t use Adsense to have ads in HTML5 games , what I should use? I´d like to know!

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  • Yes, I need. +1

  • +1

  • -1

    See that little icon that looks like a stop sign in the right corner of your browser?

  • any?? Please somebody make this plugin

  • This is what i found at google site.

    Update your Flash ads to HTML5 ads

    Starting in January 2017, AdWords will stop running display ads in the Flash format.

    If you use Flash ads in your AdWords campaigns, there are 2 ways to switch to HTML5 ads:

    Create HTML5 ads with Google tools (available in English only), including Google Web Designer

    Upload your own HTML5 ads

  • My game is almost finished.

    I want to make an android version but I would also like to make a PC version and if possible, with ads.

    Is not that possible right now in C2 or yes ?.

    Any tutorial on how to put ads in a PC game?.

    Does anyone know about this?

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