Admob only work in test mode

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  • Hello,

    Please a have a issue, my game won't show admob normal , its just keep show test mode, even if the test mode false, I use the last version intel xdk 3522 and construct r233 the plugin in XDK its cordova-plugin-ad-admob, but before that my game was working normal if admob, i noticed this problem occurs after intel xdk update, PLEASE any one have an idea ? thanks...

  • I have this problem too. and I have headache now no matter what I change test mode true or false. Admob will only run in Test Mode. is anyone have a solution. please clarify. thank you very much too.

    My Environment

    Construct Version : 233

    XDK : 3522

  • Hello,

    the same happens to me, I've proved with cordova pllugin admob for construct 2 and the same, so I believe the problem is with the newest versions of intel xdk.

  • Hello guys, yes i have test a template game in construct 2 just add the admob plugin then build in a xdk old version 3357, just to check if the problem is with xdk new version, but the problem persists, i think its a bug in construct or the admob plugin in xdk

  • Hello I have found a solution now. after very much headache.

    I just found out the version of Cordova AdMob plugin (cordova-plugin-ad-admob) is update to 1.0.117

    and my old project that Admob is working fine is 1.0.112

    so I remove the 1.0.117 and change to 1.0.112 and lucky it work. no Admob test mode now.

    I think it bugs from cordova-plugin-ad-admob v 1.0.117 that always run in test mode. someone should tell the developer to fixed this bugs.

  • Consider firing a bug report about this. The new XDK update seems like caused some problems.

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  • I get this message.Please help me!


    XDK | version 3522

    Construct 2 | version 233 (64-bit)

  • Any 1 know if this has been resolved yet? My game on play store is still showing test ads even with test mode turned off

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