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  • Hi there, This morning i got an email from Admob says my account is under suspension, it needs 30 days for suspension. It says "We found that you have clicked on your own AdMob ads in a non test-mode setting, which is prohibited by the AdMob Program Policies."

    OK, i regret doing that , but I have only done it for few times to see if I can actually earn money from it.

    Since my account is only has $10, so that is very lucky.

    has anyone have the same problem before and please answer me few questions?

    1) I am thinking to stop using Admob, Can I just change my ad network DURING the suspension? or I must wait until they finish the suspension?

    2)Is Mopub a good choice? or any others?

    3) Will it affect to my apps on play store?

    4) If they really banned my Admob account, will my app get delete on play store aswell?

    anyone please give me an answer, I really don't want my app has no ads for more than 30 days!!

    thanks a lot!

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  • You got $10 from clicking on your own ads, that is not just "a few times"...

    To answer some of your questions (including my personal opinion):

    1) It kinda makes no sense since nothing is holding you of from changing the ad network as far as I can tell from your post, so yes you can change from AdMob to a different not AdMob related ad network at anytime. You might have to change information regarding the ad plugin you use in C2 if you think about changing to a different ad network.

    2) From what I know about MoPub so far is that you might get a bit more revenue from using it.

    (This should help you with getting started or answer some of your more detailed questions later on. HERE or use this FREE MAGIC TOOL if you have more questions not covered by the tutorial.)

    3 + 4) If they block or ban your account of course all of your apps will show only blank ad banners, but I doubt that Google would delete your apps because of that.

    They mostly delete apps that are against their terms, which you can find somewhere on the dev. console, if you want to look them up again.

    All issues related to AdMob should not be asked here thou, in future you should consider asking those questions in the Google/AdMob forums.

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