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  • Hi guys, I have some problem with ads on google play store

    I'm using cocoon plugin. the first problem was that ads shows on screen at the first layout.

    here is the screen :

    as you can see, the project start with layout 3 and it's the main menu ( the layout 2 is for sprite and the layout 1 is for playing the game.) with these events on the screen, when you open first the game, ads shows up again again and again infinitely.

    but when you come back again on the layout 3, after the layout 1, there is no ads.

    So the game only shows ads at first launch of the main menu.

    I'have ad event "trigger once" to stop as you can see :

    and now, there is no ads.

    someone can help me?

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  • can someone help me? still don't found the problem

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