Admob does not work, highly frustrated

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  • updated to R267.

    With the admob object in the project.

    Use the online phonegap build service to build an apk.


    If I do not edit the config.xml file, phonegap fails to compile and gives error.

    If I edit configure xml and add (<plugin name="cordova-plugin-ad-admob" spec="1.0.112" />) to it, phonegap can build the APK but the APK once installed will crash immediately everytime I tried to start it.

    So far all the tutorials that refer to cocoon and intel xdk are outdated.

    Any resources that can help? Without admob working any creation is meaningless.

    * There is a third party service called Enhance with a zero code option, it compiles and would not crash but no ads show up. So basically nothing works.

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  • The whole construct 2 Admob thingy has been a problem for a while now...

    I have long given up on Construct 2 and Admob integration.

  • there is a third party solution called ultimate ad, I contacted them and never received any reply.

  • Wow, that's just painful...

  • I'm not sure if admob working with enhance but mopub is working great for me. The problem about your issue may be about GDPR. You need to ask to users for opt-in or opt-out with enhance plugin. Then ads will be loaded.

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