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  • Admob Alternative or Make money From Games

    The title said all, any alternative to make money with out admob or

    how can make money for game development?

    I already try android and no sussefull also admob and bad experience to...

    Now i have greenght ligth or what call it is and i dont know if is a good ideia start develop and sent to hims...

    any ideia or some one can helpeme with this? Thanks!!!

    PS: I have Construct Bussiness Edition... so i can sell my games....

  • Well, you can always go for other ad services if you still want to make money out of ads. Or you can sell your game on Steam (taking the Greenlight way you mentioned). There's also the possibility to include IAPs (In App Purchases) into your game. Or you'll find someone who wants to buy HTML5 games, I mean like a sponsor, a reseller, a company.

  • Hey man!

    The easiest way to make money from apps is to earn on ads. Depending on the kind of the app you should use suitable formats. For instance if you have a game - stick to rewarded video or at least interstitials. If it's a utility app - check native ads, moreover some networks, Appodeal for example supports Native Video. The main point is to choose the right ad format, placement and frequency.

    There’s a plenty of various networks: mopub , vungle, unityads, chartboost, supersonic, admob appodeal, heyzap and so on. Among of them you see several mediators like Appodeal and Heyzap that allow you to cover several networks in one account. For the last couple of years i've tried some.Now im using rewarded videos, cause they have pretty high ecpm and keep gamers loyal to ad. Tried Chartboost for videos and interstitials and really liked it, they show game related ads. Vungle and Unity Ads were also ok, but after testing them I took a look on Heyzap cause they provide multiple networks – Didn’t like it because of lower eCPM + some difficulties with integration. After that tested Supersonic, its was normal, but decided to switch on Appodeal, as they pay instantly -no net30 or net60 it makes huge sense for me. Also it has all major networks in one account. The integration was painless. Had a tech issue as i'm not a tech ninja, but their support helped me to solve the problem within an hour. 'm on this p;atform for 5 months and it works great to my mind. Hope this might be helpful.

  • Try using StartApp its the best for monetization of apps ... b85d14ab10

  • Hey

    You could give a try to Appodeal. They are from USA but my apps in the spanish market are performing very well (between 30% and 100% my eCPM increased). Effortless, one SDK, more than 30 networks and inmediately payouts.

    Hope this helps

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  • Could you please share you ecpm numbers for spain and other key geos you have? would be great to share the experience


    You could give a try to Appodeal. They are from USA but my apps in the spanish market are performing very well (between 30% and 100% my eCPM increased). Effortless, one SDK, more than 30 networks and inmediately payouts.

    Hope this helps

  • btw Natx which ad formats r u using?

  • Neo112

    You can see ecpm (for spain and all the world) in home page :

    Ah, this is my affiliation link:

    and this is a tutorial: ... plugin-xdk

  • Has anyone gotten appodeal to work on iOS? I got it work flawlessly on Android using to build; however, when I try to build it for iOS none of the ads show.

  • ciaphuas

    If you don't mind telling me what plugins you used in your prject to get appodeal to work. Are you using appodeal alone or aling with the other atomic pugins. I ask because apparently we have to use a different plugin if we want to use appodeal with other plugins. I tried implementing them but the ads aren't showing in my devapp.

  • Hi. Admob only works on android, right?

    I am looking for ads which work on all platforms and based in Europe would be great. Does anyone know such ads?

  • Hi I also would like to know what plugin use for Appodeal (for Cocoon io).

    I am using also Google play game (official plugin form Cocoon io) and then I have to use this right?

    "To use Appodeal with CocoonGooglePlayGame and CocoonShare etc.. use "

    With this one Ads are OK but I am having problem with Hardware Back button when I press it in my game whole game will close... I do not have any implementation of "On mobile back button press" in project so it must be some conflict in plugins so any ideas? I will be realy glad for help because I would like to use Appodeal in project.

  • friend, i made the test, but after building the application intelxdk ads are not shown, it remains in a message loading and I am forced to close the app to not go out, but is linked with my AdMob account and there goes me to post views were generated but realized appodeal shows nothing, and asked support appodeal and do not give me help, I have two issues about this forum but did not support me , you comment that you download the plugin page appodeal and just place it within construt 2

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