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  • <center>"EDIT"</center>

    With the r143 release of Construct 2, this problem is fixed.

    You can see the result here

    Download the .capx saved with the r143 version here

    I can confirm that this release also fixes the reddish outline on the semi transparent areas that appear on the example that I give a few posts bellow.

    <center>"END of EDIT"</center>

    Hello all!

    I need to know if AdjustHSL effect works as it should with Chrome or not...

    My problem is that I get unexpected, muddy colors, especially in green and blue values,that are consistent in Chrome and with Node-Webkit. Firefox matches closely the expected color values as seen within construct 2, in the layout window.

    The image below depicts the problem:

    AdjustHSL comparison

    As you can see, Firefox closely matches the colors that appear on the layout view. Chrome and Node-Webkit on the other hand, do not respect the colors, especially the in the Green and Blue hues, even when the AdjustHSL effect has it's default values (0,0,0).

    Here you can test the example:

    And here is the example .capx file:

    Example .capx

    I tried the Tint effect and it renders correctly with Firefox, Chrome, Node-Webkit. But I really want to know if I can trust/use the AdjustHSL effect, as it provides a circular color variation that I want to use to overlay colors within my level. And I need to do it in Chrome, because I want to use it's advanced audio futures.

    All these are for my university diploma project in two months so, as you can understand, I feel somewhat uneasy with the unexpected results in Chrome!

    Thank you in advance for any input on the subject!


  • I use Chrome 28 and I get different hues from what you see in your chrome : )

    Also Node Webkit is basically Chromium, so they should reproduce the same results.

    It seems each browser handles it's WebGL differently. My only advice to you is that you adjust your HSL values depending on browser type/version. You can detect different version with the Browser object.

  • Xionor

    Thank you for your reply.

    Can you please tell me if the hues that you see in your Chrome match the hues that you see in your Firefox? They Should be the same.

    I am not sure about the browser versioning approach, I tried the same example on a laptop with the same Chrome version installed as in my desktop and I also got different results.

    The positive thing is that on the laptop the colors were correct and matched both the Construct2 view and Firefox. So, there might be something wrong with my workstation machine.

    I have of coarse the latest drivers installed and a pretty modern graphics card so, if there is a problem, I don't know where to look for.

    I would like to have some more input about this, if anyone else is willing to try and tell us what results they get in their browsers, I'll really appreciate it!



  • Can you take a screenshot on each browser and create a side-by-side comparison?

    -> oops my bad, missed the pic.

    Firefox 22 and 23 on Windows both repro the same issue as Chrome for me. The hue rotation seems to be off.

    I'd recommend reporting as a bug.

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  • It looks the same to me in Firefox and Chrome.

  • This is what I get in Chrome 28.

  • Hello guys, thank you for the response!


    In the past I had reported as a bug an other strange behavior of the AdjustHSL effect that produced a terrible reddish outline when the effect was used on a layer that had the "Transparent" setting set to "Yes". Again with Chrome being the culprit...

    I didn't really understood Ashley's reply on the subject, I guess the topic is still open:

    Chrome Problem with AdjustHSL

    I am afraid that if I report this behavior I'll get an other cryptic response (perhaps it's my poor English's fault <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle"> ), so I wanted to gather some other opinions/experiences first.

    Yours is putting the subject in the bug department, since it looks li?e I am not the only one encountering this problem.


    Thank you for your input and the screenshot! Your results are the expected ones!!!


    Thank you again for your input. It looks like you are not immune to this problem neither... I think your colors are a bit more saturated than those on my picture, but the hues are definitely way off !!!

    I don't know how to proceed with this, should I report it as a bug?


  • eli0s

    I believe i have found the source of the problem.

    It looks like my Chrome 28 applies color based on Hue value. It makes the images Grayscale perhaps, and then applies color based on the Hue Rotation in Construct.

    That's becuase if I set the Hue of the Green sprite to 57 it also becomes Blue.

    If I give the red image also 57 Hue Rotation, it in turn become blue as well : )

  • Xionor

    You are right, I can replicate the same behavior with Chrome (same version). See the second column picture below:

    AdjistHSL Test02

    With those values in Chrome I get the default "0" hue. Of course, the result in Firefox matches the Constructs viewport and it's very wrong...

    So, the question is, now what?!? Am I the only one that freaks out with this?! <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    I think I will report it as a bug after all and I hope that Ashley wont shoot me for messing up with his time <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Best regards,


  • Xionor



    Ashley informed me that the problem that I describe in this topic is fixed with the r143 release and I can confirm it.

    Thank you again for your input,


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