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  • Is it possible to get more than 100 events with the free version? I'm a student taking video game programming and design, and the first engine we learn is Construct 2. We have to design a game in the first term using Construct 2, and I have run into the sad state of removing features from my game to make room for a boss fight (which is required by the class). I had way more ideas, including more power-ups, additional enemies, and even cheat codes, but unfortunately, with 100 events, I'm quite limited with what I can produce.

    Since we only spend one term on Construct, I'm not sure whether I want to buy a license just yet, student life has me pinching pennies already. I would just like to be able to put a polish on my game before calling it complete.


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  • Using advanced level programming can help you reduce your event count (for ex. using expressions, functions), but you can't pass the 100 event limit without a license. I'd suggest you talk to your teacher about a take-home educational license:

  • Thanks. Someone had mentioned something along those lines here at school, but I wasn't sure what they meant. I'll ask around about it.

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