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  • Hi,

    When reading the manual pages I sometimes still have open questions. For example, when reading up on physics, and the apply force action, it as unclear to me what the unit of force is that is specified in the parameters.

    I think it could be really great if logged in members could add comments at the bottom of manual pages. This could i think benefit both manual readers and writers.



  • Why not post on the forums ?

    Nobody will read the manual comments !

  • Thanks for the response.

    It makes a lot of sense to post a comment on the Manual page where a question arises, and where others may offer answers. It saves time and hassle searching -- which may or may not yield results to questions.

    This is how comments on manuals are structured in various open source projects, such as MySQL and many others ...

    In fact in the MySQL manual pages you will find commenter offering sample code how to use SQL functions in variously efficient ways.


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  • Yes, as you said comments on SQL / PHP websites are usefull, but it's not questions, it's examples (for the website) with code, you can't post code for C2 in an easy way.

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