Acquire target logic.

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  • Sup guyz,

    Can you please explain "Acquire target" logic?

    I made something like TD helloworld, and when i pick "Acquire target" and targets (all targets are made from one object) come close to the tower (standart tower), tower starts to pick target, or doing something irrational. It cant attack targets, until they starting to leave its range radius.

    Bullean "is floating" working fine, and floating tower (wasnt built) doesnt attack targets.

    When i pick "Add object as target" its all fine, tower attacks all targets when they are in its range radius. But, floating boolean doesnt work for second and next towers. They attacking the target while floating.

    From Russia with love.

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  • Im back home, you can check my .capx file now.


  • Found one more thing:

    If i set "predictive aim" to NO it works just fine.

    I guess the problem is tower wanted to focus at only one target and doesnt want to hurt others. Is it a bug, or am i that bad, lol?

    And problem with towers witch are not placed down and attacking enemyes is alive.

    Fixed it by checking build boolean on every shoot.

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