accidentally deleting animation strips

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  • I don't know if this should go under bugs, or suggestions.

    If you press the delete key on a animations panel, can you get a warning prompt?

    <img src="" border="0" />

    It happens when I am bouncing between the Animations Panel and the Animations Frames panel. I try to delete one frame in the Frame panel, and accidentally delete the whole animation. And the worst part, you can't undo! So you have to reload all the sprites in again. :(

  • That'd be helpful indeed. For those of us who work fast between windows this stuff happens. Maybe an undo button too.

  • I added a delete confirmation for the next build. But I just checked and I can undo a deleted animation just fine. Are you sure it's not working for you? You just use the same undo buttons on the main window.

  • Hm, I never really thought of using the main window undo. If it doesn't ctrl+z, I usually give up. But thank you! That delete confirmation will be helpful!

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  • I wish the undo function worked better in the image editor. If I forget to change the image resizing method to 'stretch' or something, I often have to re-import the entire sprite strip!

  • The undo works for me but only up to one undo, on the second undo it says to close the image editor before undoing this far. Not helpful if I want to undo what occured in the image editor. Holding the delete key should only delete to the right of the animation frames.

    Question: shift and ctrl will not let me select certain frames with clicking to make exact selection of what I want to delete possible.

    Is there a key for grouping selected objects in construct 2???

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