How to access Web Storage from another engine?

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  • Hello, I was promoting Construct 2 to some colleagues from my university when someone came up with the following question:

    "Let's say I published a game on the App Store using Construct 2 as a prototype and then I want to migrate it in a future update to Unity, how could I keep the scores of the players? There is a way to access the Web Storage using Unity? "

    And I'm here to pass forward this question because I'm not sure what could be done in this case.

    Ashley , what can be done? Anyone?


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  • Wouldn't it make more sense just to read the saved data then re-save as json or some other method?

  • Check yourself, make a demo with a local storage keypair.

    In Chrome open developer tools, look for the local storage under resources.

    As far a other platforms go, it depends on the conversion.

    Kind of what Ashley is getting at with the latest blog post:

  • Well considering the situation, what would be the most viable way to save the score, so that you could access it by another engine?

    Json is a solution? What else?

    Thanks zenox98 and newt !

  • It sounds like a pretty exotic question - I don't know many people who would re-write the entire game compatibly in a different engine later on, since that's double the amount of work (why not make two games?) Still, the easiest solution is to store everything on a server backend and have both versions communicate with that. In the browser you could possibly share local storage, but if you're switching from a hybrid to a native app, I don't think there's any way to preserve locally saved data.

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