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  • I have a Win8 laptop with touch screen and accelerometer and other sensors.

    Touch works perfectly.

    However Touch.AccelerometerX Y and Z are always returning zero values.

    Are there any specific hardware requirements for the accelerometer commands on Win8?

  • Ah, I thought IE10 supported the standards-compliant events for these, but it doesn't. I've added Windows 8 specific detection of accelerometer and orientation for the next build.

  • I have come across a very interesting example for accessing accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, light, inclinometer, orientation and Geo-location sensor APIs in JS in Win8. They work 100% in IE10 as I have tested them out.

    Would it be possible to include these sensor commands in C2?

  • bjadams - accelerometer and inclinometer should be working in r106, have you tried it?

    I'm not sure about the other sensors - are they really supported by a lot of devices and useful for gaming?

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  • I have just tried r106 - accelerometer works perfectly!

    How can I test Inclinometer? Is it AngleAt command?

    About the other sensors...

    Light sensor - show day/night scenery in game

    Geo Location - in games with a world map, you can start from the level from the country you are in!

    compass gyroscope and orientation - useful in virtual map-quest style games where you have to physically move around the room!!!

  • I think accelerometer is fun to implement. It's sort of a novelty, however, in many games and you should definitely provide support for whatever input your user might be using. Actually your app will fail certification with the Windows Store if you exclude inputs. Rightly so too. If I downloaded a game and tried to play with my keyboard and mouse with no touch and it didn't work I would be disappointed.

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