8direction, custom movement, and solid interaction: bug?

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  • Is order of behaviors in an objects behavior list supposed to make any difference? If not, then this may be a bug.

    Run the attached capx. The four walls have the solid behavior. They are pinned to a little blue square. The two colored arrows have 8 diretion and custom movement, and the blue square has custom movement. Press space bar to accelerate the walls with the red and green arrows inside it to about 500p/s or more, there is a readout above to show speed. Use the default 8 direction arrow keys to move the red and green arrows around inside the moving box. Notice how when encountering the forward wall, the red arrow behaves as you would expect, but the green seems to encounter the wall early and jitters there. At the back end of the moving box, the red behaves normally, and the green doesn't stop until it's passed partway through the rear wall. It gets worse as speed is increased.

    The only difference between the red and green arrows is that the red has 8 direction behavior listed before custom movement, and green is the opposite order.

    Is this somehow expected behavior, or should I submit it as a bug?

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  • Bump. Anybody know anything about this phenomenon?

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