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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • I'm developing a very exciting game on mobile called Street Kungfu using construct 2 and cocoonjs. After a few day testing in my country, the game have a very good result. My Game was fairly complete basic functions, however, when I want to connect to another charging system and external authentication is very difficult. Right now, I can not make the highscore game show on facebook. Furthermore, I also can not connect to the charging system of a 3rd party in my country. They also give me full documentation, API and their SDK but I still do not know how to connect to their system on Contructs 2 and cocoonjs. And i'm from Viet Nam, so the googleplay not yet allow VietNam or some asia country to making money from their game, i need to find another way. So you can answer or help me in my problems?

    I really love c2 and cocoonjs, i give it a try again and again through all the pain and now, my game run very smooth and ready to earn some cash, can you help me or point me to the right direction ?

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