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  • Hi, I have a question is possible do this in construct?

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  • I cant paste url, but the question is,,,is possible load 3d elements and change the color for example a shirt?

  • There is a 3d plugin here:

    However haven't tried it so don't know if it can do what you need, just making you aware that it might be worth checking out when it comes to 3D.

  • thanks I'll try

  • My jaw dropped on the floor when i saw this. Really? you can create 3d games with construct2 with this?? A quick search from google didnt really give much info about the addon so does soemone have info on how this thing really works? I'm taking a wild guess that if this works, its not so easy as just clicking a few mouse buttons in construct to get something solid, but you have to be quite advanced in construct to be able to use this?

  • Using q3d is relatively simple for small things like showing a model with a material but also has many features for things like collisions/raycasting/splitscreen/morph+skeletal animation/3d physics/lighting/textures/billboards etc. so its possible to make feature complete 3d webgl applications/games. Documentation is being written this month. Its more than 2 years of work so you can expect it to work quite well and many users actively use it and make requests / ask questions on usage in that very long thread.

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