Can you make 3D games with Construct 2?

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  • Hey, just a simple question, can you make 3D games with Construct 2? I have only seen 2d games made with this.

    Thanks in advance

  • In theory : you can't

    But some people seems to try and achieve something

    But it is a 2D engine basically

  • Not with polygons etc. but you could give the illusion of 3d ala Wizardry.

  • Yes, but that depends on you. By the default features the answer is no. However, if your up coding in your own 3D Object plugin. You can, but it's going to be a lot of overhead work. The other disadvantage is that the LAYOUT system just isn't going friendly towards placing 3D.

    Though someday who knows. maybe a 2.5D plugins will be in place :)

  • You could fake 3d (with for example, isometric tiles, or something similar to the old "2.5d" dungeon crawlers), or you could use something such as the 3rd party polygon plugin or another plugin to draw lines, but Construct 2 isn't really designed for 3d, and I would personally suggest looking for a better suited alternative -- perhaps Unity3d -- if you want to work on 3d projects.

    Construct 2 is absolutely fantastic for 2d, and you could probably force it to do something 3d-ish, but you'd be fighting against the strengths of the product rather than working with them.

  • 3d games aren't possible in construct, but 2.5D is. Something like a space harriar, mode7 or isometrics could imitate a fake 3D game.

  • 3D games ARE possible in construct 2

    And indeed, you need to create a plugin.

    I tried, and I achieved result, however such plugin is a real pain to use because if you want to really work with C2's picking system, you need more than one plugin.

    Why? Because for 3D rendering you need many different abstract objects.

    You need objects like lights and meshes. You need what's called a scene graph to organize your objects in the scene (add and remove them). You need a camera object to control position and direction of view as well as field of view. You need a renderer object that allows you to connect a camera to a given scene graph.

    You also need materials and texture. (I'm mostly refering to how three.js works but I've seen such design in some software as well)

    And you can't really stick everything into one big fat plugin. Well... You can, but then you wouldn't be able to pick objects since everything would be handled by the plugin. You would also have to find a way to keep some references to instances to manipulate them in the event sheet...

    So a better solution would be to have a renderer plugin, a mesh plugin, material plugin, etc, this way you could pick materials and assign them to meshes, pick light and add or remove from scene graph, etc

    But that's a big work. And as some already said, you wouldn't even have anything showing up in the viewport of construct2.

    And also you would have to learn how the plugin suite work... which would be almost the same as to learn how three.js works (and 3D rendering in general... mipmapping, geometry instancing, model view matrices, etc...)

    And well... at some point... it would be like using a chainsaw to hammer a nail.

    Use the right tool for the job.

    I know c2's event system looks so easy that you feel this need to use it for 3D games, but remember, c2's event system is really just sugar coated programming. It wouldn't take that much effort to switch (for example) to unityscript (a bit more for unrealscript :D).

    If you already have a good level in C2, you've got good basics of programming. So after probably a month or two with unity, you'll be able to make what you want.

    And if you're good enough to create a 3D plugin for C2... Yeah... By all means, use unity :D

    for curious people, my 3D tests with C2 looks like that:

    Maze (use arrow keys)

    Just a rotating object

  • jayjaymozza

    No, it is NOT possible to make 3D games with Construct 2.

    If you were talented enough to make Construct 2 work with 3D then you have enough skill either to use your own game engine or for example Unity.

  • For 3D games I can recommend UDK 3 (Unreal Development Kit 3). It's based on the Unreal 3 engine. It's very user friendly, it has all what you need, there are excellent tutorials and you can compile your game or animation for all platforms. Above all it's free. As with Construct 2 you don't need to learn how to code to make games. You do need to know however how 3D games work, but that's something you'll learn on the fly with the official tutorials in which you make a simple single player FPS level that has all the bells and whistles like light effects, sound, AI, cut scenes, interactive objects and so on.

    Note: UDK 3 is free, UDK 4 is not.

    PS, I discovered Construct 2 this morning and I really like it. It reminds me of the Amos Professional days on the Amiga1200, long ago. A big thank you to the developers.

    edit: link was obviously removed, it's UDN-Epicgames-com

  • Are you fricking serious? I already achieved a "minecraft" type(sandbox) game with similar physics, in vanilla Construct 2! Just use the movements. For example, if you look right, move everything left.

  • Hey, I think a lot of people want to make a 3-D game using the plugins, but the only limit is your imagination if you're willing to program cleverly with events. Could you post a link to your game? I'm interested in 3-D with C2, and I want to see what you got working and how you did it.



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  • Easy way: Use a 3D engine

    There are ways to make 3D in Construct 2 but it makes things more complicated (you are forced to edit in 2D)

    Q3D Plugins:

    3D using Copperlicht:

    3D Object:

    Fake 3D:

    (look for the R0J0hound's Paster examples)

    Also don't forget that there is a chance that future upgrades of C2 can break the plugins and the author may not want to fix/update it.

  • Just take a look in Scirra Arcade

    Can you find a 3d game?

    Hope you get your answer.

  • Just take a look in Scirra Arcade

    Can you find a 3d game?

    Hope you get your answer. ... -sky-10785

  • A 3d game like as Red Zone of mega drive I guess it's possible.

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