2d beatemup game

  • Im making 2d beatemup game ,and i dont have experience , art concept is all done but need some help to make sprites working moving makeing enemies bosses programing , if someone wont to participate who has experience with this type of game please contact me ,it is a little game for someone with experience its not a problem ,but i makeing first time,so someon who can help me voluntary .

  • Even for someone with experience it is more complicated than you think.

    You can take the time to learn how to use Construct and do it yourself.

    Or you can also check the template that exists in Construct 3 and see how it is done.


  • Hi, I suggest you take a look at Jerementors Udemy Construct course, the first game is a beatem up and should give you a great starting point.


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  • the game will be relased on steam maybe in android ,and anybody want to participate will take credit fromm selling ,i t wiil be my idea backround art main charachter, but im open to new ideas ,wee need good programer ,the game will be small ,wit repettive enemies and few bosses , but i need someone who alredy know to implement movements spawnig enemis at right positioton and small ai boss programing ,i can learn that but it will take me lot of time bu soone with experience its no problem the game will be don for one two monte nothing compliceted just to work, .i alredy have some engine template bu need to upgrade.

  • zmija1 Sorry to say it so directly, but almost everyone can come up with an idea. The difference is that some people work hard to accomplish that idea.

    If you are an artist that want to partner up with a programmer, then you should post some of your art/creations to gain credibility.

    Also, you should describe why you think that your idea is good. Why is better then other similar games, what brings new or what is the selling point etc.

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