2048x1536 retina resolution on iPad

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  • I'm thinking about having the game run at 2048x1536 but I figure performance won't be good enough on the iPad 4 for that. Characters would be 128x128, backgrounds would be 256x256 and I'll have about 300 objects. Also is it worth it? At this resolution, big objects become small but with more detail. My monitor only displays 1920x1080 but I figure I can scale the game down to test it. If I don't support 2048x1536, I figure I'll go for 1024x768, unless someone had a better idea.

  • I had 2 iPad 4's, your game should scale, yes it will not look as crisp but should be fine. I haven't done any mobile apps with Construct 2 yet so I can not tell you the speed difference.

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  • It depends on a lot of factors. I've got my game working smoothly at 2046x1536 on an ipad 3, so if you are mindful of considerations designing for mobile, it should probably work fine on an ipad 4.

  • Modern mobile devices actually have pretty good GPUs. I've done tests with fullscreen games running at reasonable framerates on an iPad 3.

  • So have you guys been able to do 60 frames per second at 2048x1536 on an iPad 3/4? That would be impressive if so.

  • My game is currently running at 30-60 fps depending on what's going on and how many enemies are on screen at once. Keep in mind the more you want to do the more optimizing it takes to get 60 fps.

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