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  • Hi,

    this error is produced in chrome with any capx (for me) Win 7 64bit

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1685424/c2-bug2.PNG" border="0" />

  • Please post issues to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines - we cannot do anything to help otherwise.

  • I get the same result but it's impossible to create an example capx right now and my project is too big and complicated, a million things could trigger this problem...

  • I am having the same problem, eli0s - I spent a few hours today tracking this bug down and have figured out how to reproduce it. I'm submitting an official bug report right now, but just for anyone who's searching around, here's how to reproduce (Release 147 only):

    Create an empty project, add a sprite. Give it the effect "set color" and then the "water background" effect. ** Make sure "water background" is the second effect. ** Run the project and it crashes with the Assertion failure.

    Not all effects cause the bug, but it seems like if a distortion effect is second on the list and a color effect is first, it happens. Sphere and Water Background are the two distortions I got the bug with, when combined with nearly any other effect.

  • Scavengrove

    My project crashes at the opening screen and i am not using the effects you are. As eli0s stated, my project is almost complete and its not practicl to post the capx.

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  • Sprite with any effect on a layer with any effect => same bug.

  • I was sent a .capx file privately and I think this should be fixed for the next beta already.

  • Ashley It is good to hear that this is taken care off.

    I had already reverted back to the stable v.146 with no trouble at all.

    A bonus gain from this incident is that while I was using the 147 beta, I tried the new windows 7 color theme and after uninstalling the 147 and reinstalling the 146, the theme remained! In the preferences it doesn't show up as an option though, it's there on the event sheet just to please my eyes :)

  • Scavengrove my project also has a ton of color effects and the water background effect on a few layers...

    I don't know if your findings reflect to my case, I guess we'll just have to wait and see :)

    Thanks for trying to figure this out though!

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