[Request] Load custom 256 colors with transparent one

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  • Using the Gigatron shader Nesify there are some predefined palettes like gameboy or Nes.

    Wonder, if is possible create a shader that can load 256 colors in runtime from a given .pal format.

    The colors on the shader are like this one:

    TRY_COLOR (vec3 (13.0, 65.0, 56.0));

    So maybe something like:

    TRY_COLOR (vec3 (R0, G0, B0));


    TRY_COLOR (vec3 (R255, G255, B255));

    So i think this should be created from an automatic way due also needs to be created the uniforms and the .xml params.

    Then i guess on events load the .pal file that is like:

    24 0 8

    56 16 24

    64 16 24

    80 24 32


    And set the numbers for that effect params on the FX.

    I don't know if this is possible or maybe there is another easy way.

    What you think?

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