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  • I understand that might haven't been added for some possibly obvious reasons but what if it's still possible...

    1)Behind Glow

    Ah those nice days with behind glow...That was awesome with Construct Classic! Why not add the same thing to C2? I used to combine it with some other effects and got an awesome picture in the end :)

    2)Add "radius" parameter to glow and blur effects

    3)Add "grain size" and "speed" to noise effect

    4)Motion Blur(I know it's almost impossible but hey I have dreams too)

    I guess that's all for now.

  • Android-Music

    1) the behind glow should be pretty easy to code, i'll look into it.

    2) personally i like to have a blur filter with more quality (steps). a parameter to determine the radius is obligatory. i'm on that currently. a glow filter is exactly the same, except it is blended additively.

    3) grain size should be possible, although you could simply add a pixelize filter. how do you imagine a speed parameter?

    4) a fake motion blur is possible if we have an angular blur. it's also in the pipeline ;)

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  • Hey that's awesome, oppenheimer, thanks a lot! Btw never thought about pixellize solution before! :D

    I'm thinking of speed like an fps or refresh rate, can't explain that correctly...

    Btw: I once metioned that in another topic but forgot to add it here - is it possible to make a glow(outer) and inner glow like in Flash?

  • Would you take a look this?


    I tested it and it didn't work, sometimes i change uniform sampler2D tex0 to uniform lowp sampler2D sampleFront, just saying

  • Joannesalfa

    well, you can't just replace the sampler name. the shader toy has some built variables which will not work in C2.

    For example "uniform float time;" would be "uniform float seconds;" in C2. Take a look at the "template.fx" and "template.xml" from the sdk. Some of those special variables are explained there.

  • oppenheimer Good luck with all that, looking forward to more interesting effects ^^

    Btw I also suggested the "outer glow" effect in R0J0hound's thread, maybe you'd like to check out his "outline" plugin, I would think it could help as a base for the silhouette

  • lemo thanks! im a newbie to glsl es, but i try my best to come up with something useful. and thanks for pointing me to the outline shader; maybe we can achieve a glow with that and a simple blur?

    just yesterday i realized that there are 2 simple glow shaders in the effects dir, horizontal and vertical. i'll see, if it can be improved somehow (radius etc.) <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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