[EFFECT]NoisePlus (updated22/09/15)

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  • DatapawWolf

    Does the effect need to animate / change over time?

  • chrisbrobs yup! Just like the original. I wasn't able to create a GIF at the time, but yeah, animated.

  • DatapawWolf

    'Alright so I was looking at the Basic Static, trying to take into account low-rez scaling. So instead of applying noise to every single pixel, apply noise in such a a way as to take into account each scaled pixel in a pixel-art game.'

    Iv'e not had much(any) look in coming up with a solution to your question.

    I think the calculations for the noise are done before the main part in the shader.

    Have you tried using the 'step noise' part instead of the 'basic 'noise, it might resize better.

    The only other thing I can think of is using a pixellated effect with a animated parameter.

  • chrisbrobs I appreciate you looking into it! I think I may use a pre-designed set of static images to achieve what I'm looking for, instead.

    The only last thing I was thinking is that the viewport size could be instead variables for the shader, input by the developer into the shader effect, and then using math to determine the approximate floating point size of each pixel and then shading pixels as expected. Other users have done this on the forum but I honestly can't wrap my head around any bit of the shader code to reverse-engineer it and apply it to the noise shader.

    Using integer scaling would also prevent any possible weird lines, so that shouldn't be an issue in that case.

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  • Hi, I like the noise basic static effect but it has no movement, I can not simulate the noise of a TV because there is no movement in the noise.

    How is it used? How can I simulate the noise of an old TV?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/bn7jpa093mzq7 ... s.rar?dl=0

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