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  • Hi,

    This time i will share with you a vumeter fx;

    You can make easy vumeter with changing fx options, the

    .capx is forked from Scirra Analyzer fx so you must use .capx file to

    make your vumeter;

    Requirement :

    Audio plugin from scirra, imported music file in C2 and need vumeter fx

    i've made inside your project; Look inside .capx how it's coded;

    This fx cut Sprite and add gradient with top and bottom colors.

    demo here ;


    and Fx with .capx here :



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  • Thanks for sharing this nice vumeter effect

  • totoe

    Today sad news for C2 FX. In the past when C3 came out I tried to make effects, it was very hard because you had to reload the page hundreds of times to make an effect work. Now maybe Ashley worked to make fx easy.

    I will STOP working with C2 at 01/01/2021 :)) until there you will see more shader fx for C2 :)

    and start to study C3 deeper with Chrome/Firefox dev tool to make fx for C3.


  • Gigatron, iam a slow learner and love to have an engine where i can play with shaders from shadertoy or Interactive Shader Format effect libaries on the web. I found this to be construct2.In game development everything moves so fast and i feel like the amiga days are just around the corner. I love to integrate glsl shaders. There are so many languages to study. I feel like iam only good in everthing and not so much in detail. There will always be an alternative or updates coming which breaks or make you look around. I onced felt in love with cubase on the atari. After cubase i felt in love with fruityloops on windows. After that i felt in love with various little daws and sequencer programs. I always loved when there was a standard in sharing stuff. Like the midi standard and than the VST standard. I love to have plugin and effects to pull into my music machine.

    So many Tools to develop ideas are on the market. Glad i found a lovley and creative community here and at the community discord server and a tool which is a sandbox made in heaven for me.

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