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  • Thanks for sharing R0J0hound

  • Thank you, you're going to help me a lot.

  • Cool, thx

  • This needs updating again, R0J0hound. Was gonna look into it but now it's unavailable.

  • Does any of you knows how to created any NPCs on this Mode7 for C2.

    I would love to know how to create another character to race with it

    Anyone !!!!!

    Any Tips RojoHound!!!

    Thank you !!!!!

  • I've been using this effect to create a Golden-Sun like battle perspective, and it's been working beautifully... until today when I tried to export an exe with NW.JS.

    Here's how my game looks with NW.js preview:


    And here's how it looks with NW.js export:


    I am using R0J0hound/Aurel's "fixed alpha" version of the effect, and am using the latest versions of Construct 2 and NW.js.

    Not all the objects containing mode 7 effects get mangled - just the ones that feature multiple frames or animations (even the ones featuring 1 frame per animation). Given that information, I'm guessing this is an issue caused by the texture packing, but I'm not certain.

    Does anyone have any clues on how to fix this? I don't see anything wrong in the .fx file, but I'm not great at reading GL.

    Worst case scenario, I can make every mode 7 image its own object, but that would be very inelegant and work-intensive solution.

  • That's a pretty cool result. The issue is caused by the texture packing, it throws off the uv's. I never found a solution. It's just one of those things I considered broken and never touched.

    You can avoid the texture packing by manually loading the animation frames from events. Basically put all the images into the "files" folder in the project bar. Then at the start of that layout set the animation frame and use the load animation frame action to load the image file. Maybe use smaller dummy images initially. It's an idea at least.

  • I just need to work with NPC's in the same sand box>>> any tips !!!

  • R0J0hound: Fantastic, that works. Thanks a bunch.

    AR TeamOne: Using Rex's plug-ins from page 5 in conjunction with the "car" or "bullet" behaviours would get you half way there. There are several ways you could make racing NPCs follow a track - maybe try setting up checkpoint objects around corners, and have the NPCs aim their direction towards the next checkpoint.

  • SketchyLogic I just did that like 3 months ago the checkpoint things and that's the only thing that works for now, cause the bullet behavior and the car behavior just don't work at all, I tried to come with something like for a month using the car and bullet behavior but nothing did work >>> My question was because I thought that someone from this forum came with something different to run the Npc's but it seems that the Mode7 has been abandon , The Problem I have with the checkpoints strategy its that I cannot run the Npc's in the same box as I'm running my main player, plus I have to make the collisions and damage to other cars to my main character via the main screen and not from the sandbox player>>> I'm sorry if any of missundertood anything I wrote>>> Thank you SketchyLogic !!

  • Info: I'm ported the plugin for construct 3 runtime.

  • A link please !!!

  • R0J0hound

    It's ok for you when i upload/add the effect to the addon-page?

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  • Thanks very much.

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