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  • Seems like I can't put any other sprites anywhere. Even on a different layout.

    But the "player" sprite seems to have no effect, Tried adding the sprite first then the mode 7 affected sprite... same result..

    It's weirdly not "spritesheet aware" so the only way to make it work for me is to set the maximum sprite sheet size to 512 and make the floor that size (or make the max whatever the floor size is).

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  • This is because the effect code is not properly written for C3. It will consider the whole spritesheet where the texture is packed in.

    I used to work around this by using 1024x1024 textures for the mode7 effect and then setting the max spritesheet size to 1024 in the project settings. This will ensure that the mode7 texture is always the only texture on a spritesheet.

  • Yes that worked!

    Now I am able to walk and strafe with the floor matching my walls pretty closely, however ,

    While TURNING the floor kinda "moves around" as if I'm turning on a different axis than the rest of the game turns on, but that's a problem with the fov of my ray casting not matching the fov of the mode 7 in some way.

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  • Consider my reply before:

    You have to factor in the players viewport angle.

    Therefore :

    mode7 x: Player.X / scrollingfactor + cos(Player.Angle)

    mode7 y: Player.Y / scrollingfactor + sin(Player.Angle)

    scrollingfactor is related to player viewport height and screen resolution / mode7 object height and has to be tweaked.

    Also keep in mind for FPS purposes, the horizon line has to be at Y viewportheight /2.

  • If you get the scrolling factor right it might look perfect when you walk up to a wall or walk away from one (forward and backward), but then strafing the floor flies by willie nillie. Then you can adjust it further so there's a sweet spot that seems to work for both fb and strafing motion, but then turning the floor angle turns at a different rate than the walls. Then you can adjust the fov to minimize this, once you do the scrollfactor is once again all wrong. After a lot of "tweaking" I got it pretty much under control.

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