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  • A simple effect to adjust the hue of a image.

    Using the code from here:

    http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questi ... brightness

    Why not use the HSL shader that comes with C2?

    My graphics card can't handle that shader.

  • Awesome, thanks! The GLSL shaders that come with C2 are a little hit and miss, it's great to have alternatives.


    I think R0J0hound might have just helped you out of your issue with the HSL effect.

  • He actually messaged me right away about this being in response to that post, which is amazing. Unfortunately on my system all it does is make the object disappear. It also lacks the Saturation and Luminance elements, but knowing R0J0 is on it I'm sure excellent results are somewhere around the corner.

  • I have been doing some research and - could this be helpful with making an efficient and correct version?


  • What kind of graphics card are you using? The shader feels like it should be very simple for any today's graphics card.

  • I managed to work around it by making (or rather borrowing and adapting) my own Hsb shader (in signature).

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  • Same effect but better performances ? Hey r0j0, do you want to make a similar version with the brightness parameter ?

  • Same effect but better performances ? Hey r0j0, do you want to make a similar version with the brightness parameter ?

    I know what you want this for, Coin, but you should really try having a single "things getting hit" layer and throw objects in and out of it. I can make a shader with the only function of making things white and no parameters so it would be as fast as possible, but that still won't be too fast with many objects I suspect.

  • I've made a somewhat particle effects that throws about 50 sprites. I wanted each of them having a random brightness between 80 and 100.

    Because the brigthness shader was too slow, I instead made 5 frames of the same sprite which I changed its colors to have a similar effect to 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 brightness.

    When a sprite spawns, it uses a random frame between these.

    It works well. I liked the layer idea and I thought about using it, but I don't really want to have about 5 layers only for this.

  • Sounds like a good workaround to me, especially if more parameters, like hue, etc come into play.

    Shaders were really quick in construct classic, but for some reason on browsers they lack that speed.

  • i need a litle twist in the HUE, can somebody help me? The thing is, that positive or negative value in the hue actually have no difference (are the same but backwards) i propose a change, when the image comes negative it could be cool if the hue is affected by the inverted version of the colours in the original image, except for pure black and white. Just like using "invert" and "hue" but not affecting the black and white (so the lineart, lights and others keeps untouched).

    is that possible? xD

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