Distortion with angle parameter ?

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  • Hi.

    There are some distortion effects in Construct 2.

    Like "warp ripple" or "warp radial".

    However, they use a certain angle in order to create these effects.

    For example, Warp Ripple seems to move at about 45° and we can't change this.

    I would like such an effect with a custom "angle of motion" in order to create a directionnal ripple on an energy shield (warp ripple seems perfect, the angle thing is the only lacking parameter).

    Example : http://canapin.com/construct/tolilo/15/

    Use T F H keys to move the red character, mouse to aim and click to shoot.

    Take the armor bonus and shoot at the green walls or ceilings to make the bullet bounces until it bounces on the shield. You'll see the effect I'm achieving right now, and I would the ripple angle to be relative to the angle of impact.

    Is it possible in any way, or do you know a custom effect that would do the trick ?

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