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  • Other than exiting and restarting Construct 2, is there a way to force the list of effects to reload?

    The only reason I ask is that it would be a bit easier to test incremental changes to effect code if I could avoid regularly restarting Construct.

    On the plus side, what I've noticed so far is that in some cases I can see changes to effect code when running the compiled version of a project, which is nice, but it's a limited workaround, as it doesn't really help if the change was something like a new parameter.

    At the moment, if I create a new effect, I save my project, close Construct 2, restart it, and reopen the project, to see the new effect show up in the effects list.

    Similarly, if I make a change to an existing effect, the change will show up when I compile and run the project, but it won't show up in Construct 2's layout editor, even if I remove and reapply the effect.

    Anyway, I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining or anything. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something, or overlooking a better workaround.

  • If you use the 'developer mode' as described in the Javascript SDK the editor should pick up effect code changes every time you press preview. However it won't load new effects. A feature to re-load all effects from disk is actually pretty complicated - what if you remove an effect that is in use by a currently open project? Restarting Construct 2 is a safe and straightforward way to do that.

  • Good point. Additionally, adding and removing effects is probably much less of an issue than previewing changes anyway, because in general if I'm working on a new effect, I only need to restart C2 once for it to show up. After that it's just a matter of testing incremental changes.

    The dev mode sounds like it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.

    Thanks :D

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  • Just want to double check the method for enabling dev mode.

    The SDK page says,

    [quote:165dbysl]"and add the key devmode and set it to 1 (DWORD value)."

    Does this mean that, inside the "html5" key (folder), I need to create a new key (subfolder) named "devmode", put an unnamed DWORD inside it, and set it to 1?

    Or does it mean that, inside the "html5" key, I need to create a DWORD named "devmode", and set it to 1?

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