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  • I have been trying to find a way to make the background stretch in (like a Photoshop pinch) for a few days now. After some hunting, I found Lens works pretty well under the right conditions. However the magnification seems to depend highly on its position on the screen. This makes everything parallax in a very "full 3D" kind of way. I want a 2D aesthetic, and would rather it not parallax at all. I spent a few hours taking the fx file apart and it looks like the parallax result is pretty baked into whatever is going on in the shader. Does anyone know a simple way to make the effect pull and stretch the background without changing when the camera moves around? At the very least, can someone explain to me why it does this? Looks like many effects are largely camera sensitive.

    Thanks for any help anyone has to offer.

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  • Sorry, no idea, but the game looks really cool! , How you made that glitch-screenshake effect when the ship collides? Looks awesome :O

  • Umm, that looks WAY cooler than you're probably thinking. It looks proper, too, like the gravity bubble is warped. I'm unsure how to accomplish what you're asking but I wouldn't change that in the least.

  • I also love this. I was literally wondering how to play test this haha. And how the heck are you getting that shake effect lol?

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