[Dear Effect Wizard] Broken Glass

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  • Gigatron

    Do you have an idea to make effect of broken glass on the screen?

  • you are kind ... there certainly a solution... let me meditate

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  • you are kind ... there certainly a solution... let me meditate

    Thug Life ... hahaha

    if you are talking about the Smash It glass shattering effect that is a 3d game, with precomposed 3d models that brake apart, which can be easily be done in 3d, however in 2d that is a different ball game.

    if you are talking about a random glass effect then you can use the glass effect C2 already has, and for shattering just create multiple sprites with same effect when collided with main one.

    here is a quick demo using the C2 glass effect and some basic spawn conditions hope it helps you. click on C2 nation logo glass thingy and will shatter as glass does... if you want it to have more irregular shapes, add more random cut sprites. (hint: in order for the effect to be visible even at 10000 parameter value, you need some sort of multi color image, best are working with white and black, it differentiates between deep and high glass material, if you add one color sprite wont be visible at all will be just clean glass transparent.)

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