Zoom in and Zoom back crash

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  • Hi.I have 2 same PC.same CPU, same graphic card, same ram, same main board. but I have crash when I zoom in and zoom Back.My graphic is update.I install new windows 7 64-bit.but I still have crash when I zoom .HELP me plz

  • What ? crash ? an airplane ? your game ? one of your 2 computers ?

    Bit more description and info would go a long way

  • When I zoom in and Zoom back in layout, construct 2 crash and closed.sorry for my bad English.

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  • Sounds like that its likely due to your graphics driver to be honest.

    Tried another driver ?

    Do you get an error messages ?

    You could try and check the windows application log, and try and find out what makes Construct 2 actually crash.


    Windows event log viewer.

  • I install another windows and graphic driver.I have not error message.I cant understand what happend in windows event Viewer.I attach a pic that how crash my construct when I zoom back.

  • There should be a log entry in the windows event log viewer, from construct 2, when it crashed.

    You could try the online solution in that pop up in your screenshot.

    It sounds like you need to update your windows or graphics card.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines. I cannot reproduce the problem here, and presumably nobody else apart from you can either, since zooming is a very common operation and nobody else is reporting this.

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