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  • Link to .capx file:

    There cannot be a game, if I can't zoom out on the level making stage.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Construct 2 on a Win7 64bits clean install

    2. Zoom Out.

    3. Crash.

    Observed result:

    i.imgur.com / 6BL7Xvt. png

    Expected result:

    NOT CRASH. Maybe Zoom out.

    Browsers affected:

    Srly, very crash here.

    Operating system & service pack:

    Win 7 64-bit, Professional Edition

    Construct 2 version:

    I've download the friggin' thing from Steam and Scirra, the latest release. All the same. ): I'm going to start testings early release, but I'm more that annoy by this.

  • I used all the system updates on Win7 Ultimate 64.bit edition from the Window Update software, and...


    This is just ridiculous.

    I-m a graphic designer, 2D illustrator and pixelartist, and I've always wanted to create my own silly games, I read about all the engines that were suited for low-coding dudes, like myself, and this is by far he best one. I wanted to give it a try, eventually paid for the full-on license, and get in the world with my creations, do some money out of my passions, and all that. But at this point I think I can basically invert all the time and energy put on trying to run this little software into learn how to properly code in a more mature engine, and the result will be a decent game.

    This windows have less than a two months running, no pirates downloads or anythings foggy, working on a i5 w/6600 hd radeon gcard, and 8gbs of RAM, nothing amazing, but enough as a homesetup for small projects.

    It's a shame those small projects can't be accomplished on C2.

    If anyone have an idea of what's happening, why and/or how to solve it, please, come forward. I-ll be checking here on the week, while learning to use another engines.

  • Hmm.. I really can't see *what* you are going and how you manage to crash C2. Those zoom controls at the toolbar are not even active until you open some project..


    Ah.. After checking the second picture (first one seems non.existing) you have indeed opened a project, even though you didn't mention doing so. Unfortunately I have to say that this crash is not anything I can make to happen.

    Which version of the Radeon GFX driver you are using. May well be that your's a abit buggy and the C2 happens to stumble on that? I have W7-64bit system with HD7800 and 13.251 drivers and I have seen some nasty flickering on zooming, but never seen C2 to crash on it.

    And IMHO if something as important than this were 100% broken on Construct, I'd be sure there would be SH***storm all over the forum. So, I doubt this is quite localized phenomena.

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  • I can't reproduce either issue, everything works fine here. Since your screenshots show display issues, I'd think this is caused by your graphics card driver, not Construct 2. Is the driver up to date?

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