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  • Well this is my most recent findings on developing windows8 html5 game using scirra.

    THe normal XML plugin tries to create new ActivexObject which is not supported by windows8 apphost.

    I happened to edit the generated javascript file to use winjs libraries.

    Edited Code and commented out for loop where activex object is created

    and added the below code

    var xml = new Windows.Data.Xml.Dom.XmlDocument();


    Also comment out the line below


    Please include a update in your next release for fixing this bug for exporting to Windows8.

    My changes are not 100% perfect since its changed directly in game script.

  • Note : Sorry for the addendum.

    I used TMXImporter ,Ajax, and function plugins to load the levels.tmx files in my game and load them to a string constant.

    THis worked locally while testing, but didnt render my objects in windows8.

    Hence I made the changes and published it to windows market.

    Request you to kindly release a new plugin for windows8 XML.

  • Thanks for the report & indicating the fix - this should work in the next build.

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  • shreedharcva thank you! that helped me fix my Win8 game that also uses the TMX importer.

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