Windows8 Exported Issues

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  • Another thing I notice when playing around is if you open the charms and select Permissions, then the Back arrow, is does go back to the Settings page.

  • A little more info,

    I know that third party plugins are not Scirra's problem, but I though it still might give some clues to go on...                   

    On any of the panels except Permissions and Settings:

    With both Scirra's and iunkin's:

    Click any hyperlink - the Charms will close

    Click anywhere on a blank area - the Charms will close

    Click the Back button - the Charms will close

    With other options available in iunkin's:

    Click the Upgrade, or Reset buttons - The Charms will Close

    Click either of the Audio sliders - The Charms Does Not close - but the the command is ignored

  • Thanks for narrowing it down to breaking in r124, I was able to spot a change that could have affected it. Should now be fixed for the next build.

  • Ashley, thanks for looking into it.

    Looking forward to next awesome release.

    This fix is just in time for Windows8 Summer Competition too!

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  • Thanks Ashley, all OK now!

    Thanks for great support..... and an awesome product....

  • Ashley, on r126 I'm seeing this - well the settings flyouts closing on a click anywhere on the flyout. If I interpret the thread correctly, it should be ok in that build, right?

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