Windows Phone 8 stuck at progress bar

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  • Hi everyone

    I will be so happy if someone could help me fix this bug i have done alot of tests to try and resolve it.

    So basicly the problem is that the game when opening it in my windows phone 8 device gets stuck at the progress bar at the near end. When testing it with my custom loader layout it does not show up at all it does not render at all.

    I have had no issues before when testing older files on my windows phone 8 and have no issues with the android export in Cocoon JS and regular android exports at all. I have even tried and export the old file again saving in the new beta r175 from Construct 2 and no issues there either so it must be something within the new file itself thats the issue.

    I have changed back all the things that might take up alot of memory to minimize it and im all out of ideas atm?

    Is there any well known bugs that causes this?

  • You have to include the .capx, otherwise no one can help.

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines otherwise we cannot help.

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