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  • Hello,

    I have found that Pinch-to-Zoom/Rotate moves the canvas around in fullsceen mode using the simulator in Windows 8. This of course is not good at all as it kind of breaks the game. I know it's just a experimental build but just wanted to point it out if you didn't already knew.


  • Are these the system gestures (like a 4-finger swipe) or literally just pinching? What device are you testing on? If you're using a simulator I guess it's not real touch input?

    Our code tells the browser not to handle touch input, because we handle it ourselves, so it seems odd it would still override that.

  • I caused the bug using rotation touch mode and sometimes Pinch/zoom touch mode. And yeah it's the simulator so it's not real touch. Maybe that's why it's happening? It's generally when I use rotate/pinch/zoom around the edges that the error occurs. I have posted an image of how it looks like when i can start moving the canvas around.

    I'm using the Bouncing Balls example, the only thing I have edited is setting Fullscreen in browser = Scale

    If I set fullscreen to = off you can pretty much freely move the whole canvas around and even outside the screen using the same modes.

    Sadly I don't have a real multitouch device to test this on, it might just be a fault with the emulator but I can't test that. Oh, I can't reproduce this with the example apps that come with Visual Studio 2012 so I'm not convinced.

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  • That's really weird, I don't have a real Windows 8 touch device to test on though. So it might just be a quirk of the simulator, no way to tell until a real device comes out.

  • I have analog problem...

    In real sensors devices

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