Wi-Fi Previewing Error

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  • Hey,

    I have been trying to test out my project on my ipod touch and I keep getting this error message:

    Javascript error!


    Exception 1: Index or size was negative,

    or greater than the allowed value.

    IP Address/Sprite_plugin.js, line 734 (col undefined)

    I want to know what that error display means so that I may fix it accordingly. I'm operating on 1280x720

    Also I can't test preview on my BB10 Z10 I know the latest update allows for exporting to Blackberry World but does it also allow for Wi-Fi previewing?

    Please help me out - Thanks

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  • I had similar problem on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Not sure of the exact info but it was a JavaScript Error.

    In my case I rebooted the modem, reset the address in C2 Preferences, restarted C2 in Administrator mode and all went OK after that...

  • I switched my background image from a sprite to a tiled background & it seems to be operating fine since I'm on stable version, I'll update to the latest beta & see if thats the case.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines (attach a .capx, steps to reproduce, etc.) We cannot deal with bug reports without this information.

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