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  • Weird editior sprite placement

    Ok so halfway through making my game I am building a UI interface and i notice something strange. one of the large sprite that i had for the bottom portion of the window. Is stuck on a paralax relative to my scroll in the editor. I do not know how i produce it or wonder if it bug out to now affecting the editor portion and not on debug game window. And i tried to close and open it back up but its still there. and this is on r219. Like i said i have no clue to why this is happening or how to reproduce it. but here a funny thing even though I am somehow moving it on editor with scroll un-selected, it still showing the x,y of where its suppose to be at. but if i scroll as in zoom out to the furthest it snap back where its suppose to be at. but if i scroll in it start to move with me.

    AS of right now its just annoying as hell but ill down load the latest version to see if it fix but seriously this is one weird shit. none of the other sprite are doing it just this one.

    NVM you can delete this post I figure out that it was the parllax in the editor option for the layer you can lock this or delete this sorry for confusion.

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  • Closing, please see the bug report guidelines.

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