Web app causes Ipad to freeze

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  • Hi!

    I recently downloaded the free version of Construct 2 in order to do some experimenting with migrating a Flash game to html5 and javascript.

    Everything worked just fine until I bookmarked the game on the home screen on my Ipad 2 Wi-Fi (iOS 6.0.1) and tried playing the game as a standalone web app.

    The first time you start the web app everything is working as expected, but after closing the app and starting it again a couple of times (sometimes just once is enough) the Ipad freezes and becomes totally unresponsive. Neither the Sleep/Wake button or the Home button are working. The only option is to reset the Ipad.

    Weirdly enough the game never stops working, though :) (With the exception of a few sounds that are no longer firing. Which sounds seems to vary randomly)

    If I remove the <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" /> and <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="black" />- tags from the index.html-file, starting the game from the icon on the home screen works just fine. (But then again, it no longer looks like a native app, as the Safari UI elements pop up again.)

    Is this problem somehow connected to the fact (?) that a standalone web app runs i a different version of Safari than the regular mobile Safari? (http://stackoverflow.com/tags/iphone-standalone-web-app/info)

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems? It's a pity not being able to use the web app option, since it looks so cool :)

    Link to game working properly:


    Link to game with web app capable-tag, which causes my Ipad 2 to crash:


    Link to .capx file:


    Construct 2 version:

    Construct 2 Release r114

  • Hi, take a look at this post.i have some problems with web apps too.


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  • cesisco: That's an interesting thread. It certainly seems like the problems we are experiencing are related. It's really sad though, if some kind of extra security checks for web apps basically make the web app unusable (as in my case)...

  • PiaM ,web apps should be great, but it seems they are useless at the moment, there are so much performance problems that it turns my games unplayable.

  • PiaM - if the iPad crashes and even the home button doesn't work, it must be Safari or iOS crashing. It's not normally possible for an app to make that happen. That also means it's not really C2's fault so we can't do much about it. Are you sure your app isn't using large amounts of memory or something like that? Do simple demos work?

  • Ashley - I'll have to do some more testing with simpler demos. (I didn't think my game was that complicated, but there certainly is about 1Mb worth of png-files (oops) and the c2runtime.js-file is 929 kb...)

    I actually just now also found out that our server was serving the .appcache-file with the wrong MIME-type, but even correcting that didn't help. After closing and opening the web app a few times I lose all or some of the sounds, which also means that the Ipad has frozen.

    Must do some more testing   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Closing since this type of issue needs to be reported to Apple, we can't fix iOS/Safari crashes.

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