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  • well, I am making a 2 players-plataform game, the game consists in shooting the other player. In the player 1 animations there is 1 for stay looking left without moving, but this doesnt reproduce when it has to do it.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 (event sheet) A is down: set anim animation "run left" and simulate controls left
    • Step 2 (event sheet) A is released and is playing run relft: set animation "stay left" Observed Result when its runing left and I released A, the character doesnt reproduce the animation that I want, reproduce the character looking right. Affected Browsers
        opera: no Construct 2 Version ID free edition ps: I checked the animations and the event sheet 100000 times and everything is perfect! please help me
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  • Terremoto01

    You haven't followed the bug reporting guidelines, and so this is likely to be closed automatically.

    However, since this is your first post in using the free version, isn't it more likely that your events are incorrect, or are you seriously saying their is an actual bug in the C2 software?

    Not saying it's not possible, just unlikely there is a bug, but impossible to say if you don't include your .capx, as required.

  • Closing, please see the bug report requirements.

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